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The Importance of World Breathing Day!

Man Meditating and Breathing Slowly
World Breathing Day _ NWM

Our hectic lives are often filled with stress, anxiety, and the hustle and bustle of living on earth, this alone is a lot and can take a great toll on our overall well-being. That's why we urge you to take a moment learn about World Breathing Day and its importance. World Breathing Day takes place today, April 11th. This day is notable because it serves as a timely reminder to pause, focus on your breath, take deep breaths, and prioritize your health and healing; after all breathing can be thy medicine. The 2024 theme for World Breathing Day is "Time for Healing," something we all need in every area of our lives to improve our health. The best time to start taking care of yourself is right now, and it's as simple as being mindful of your breath. So, take a deep breath and commit to improving your health daily. It is a simple as committing and acting on what you say you are going to do.



What is World Breathing Day & Why?

World Breathing Day is free medicine for the soul. It does not cost anything, other than being mindful. It is a day that came about by The International Breathwork Foundation to allow us all to become more conscious breathers. Too many of us take for granted our ability to breathe until it is difficult to do so or no longer exists. According to The International Breathwork Foundation, conscious breathing is the practice of breathing with awareness, intention, and attention to your inner experience in the present moment. World Breathing Day brings the ability to breathe more consciously front and center to everyone who exists on this planet.



The world is in a state of transformation and growth on so many levels since covid, and at the same time, people are lost, stuck, and filled with anxiety, remorse, and stress. To meet the needs of such transformation throughout humanity, we need powerful tools that bring about ease and harmony in times of upheaval and seeming uncertainty. So many people all over the world are seeking a path to peace and strength. World Breathing Day offers a universal and accessible path towards healing and unity. Therefore, today, we ask that you look inside yourself to make sure that you are being taken care of first and foremost on every level and then others. Take a moment to acknowledge your breath. How slow or fast have you been breathing before this new consciousness, and how are things now as you are reading this post?


Breathe Easy

Today, won't you take part in a global celebration of the practice of conscious breathing and the power of breathing together? Take this moment as you receive this information to ponder that conscious breathing is a very healing, yet energetic medicine and unifying power that is available to everyone no matter what their race, religion, social status, or how many followers they have on social media.



In summary, World Breathing Day is an important day on so many levels. You can gather information, become more conscious, and appreciate the ability to breathe air into your lungs. Too often we take for granted the simplest things until they weakened or diminished from our lives. There is no life without breath, so breathe easy knowing that you can make a difference in your own health on how you breathe. This World Breathing Day, let’s embrace the healing power of breath and make a commitment to nurture our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Together as a world, we can create a healthier and more resilient world for our generation and generations to come.


World Breathing Day Exercise:

Take a moment to get still, escaping everything around you for about 5 minutes. Slowly close your eyes and appreciate the simple yet profound act of breathing. Breath in and out slowly. Inhale deeply for four, feeling gratitude for the life force that sustains you. Now, exhale slowly, releasing any tension or worries that may be upon you for 4. Do this for 5 minutes or as long as you need to, to get your total being in a good space to continue throughout the day.



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International Federation of Breathwork


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