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Group therapy

Mission Statement: To provide a safe, sustainable, and transformational space, inclusive of products for those seeking to live a life filled with passion and purpose.



Vision: To utilize our empowering, yet transformational services and sustainable products as solutions to help people focus on what matters most to them so that they can fulfill their life's passion and purpose.

We Are:

A team of passionate, growth mindset professionals who care deeply about our planet, holistic health and well-being, and personal and professional development. Our years of education and work in the corporate sector have allowed us to notice a correlation between the health of people and the planet. We have witnessed improvements in the personal and professional lives of those who take time to surround themselves with more greenery and water, which nature inevitably provides. Since noticing this interconnection, we educate on nature's medicine as one of our many solutions to help with life's challenges.

We have recently added the small biz and start-up division to the business because people have constantly asked our owner how she knows what she does regarding business and marketing while promoting holistic wellness so eloquently. Instead of continuing to run away from her previous background in big corporate, she has decided to embrace it on her terms while bringing on a team to help her live her dream of transforming lives with real-world knowledge. Now that you know our why? Let us help you find your why or how and what?

*Remember: God created us with a longing to know that we matter. In addition to finding the fulfillment of that desire that is in your heart.


PS: If you are wondering where the eco-friendly and sustainable products fit in. That is a long story, but getting out in nature and adding more green/eco-friendly, sustainable and natural products and of course self-care to our lives is indeed a beneficial, yet simple way to improve health & well-being and the environment. Living in a toxic environment filled with negativity can be very arduous and harmful to our lives causing unnecessary illnesses and stress. Therefore we decided to take the time to do something about this.

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The Nurture What Matters' Team!

Life Coach


“I lost 50lbs in 6 months and kept it off for a year. My A1C has been below 5.0. I've learned so much about what I am capable of during my sessions which not only worked on my weight and sugar levels, but on my mindset too.”

Debra J.

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