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Frequently Asked Questions to Help Guide You.



We accept American Express, Discover, Master Card & Visa.


Sometimes we do, but mostly for subscribers to our website and/or blogs, Subscribe on our Home Page. Free Shipping is offered on all orders $75 and over, for the 48 Continuous States Only. We do ship to AK, HI, PR and the Virgin Islands for a fee. 




Most orders ship within 1 to 3 business days after receipt on this site via USPS or UPS. Depending on where you are located in the US, you shall receive your order within 3 -7 business days from the date your order was shipped. Most customers receive their orders in 2 to 5 business days, the extra day(s) are the exception and are usually weather or courier related. When your order is placed on our site, you will receive a confirmation e-mail letting you know that an order was received. Once we ship your package another email will be sent to you with a tracking number enclosed stating your order has been shipped. * Please check the page where the product you wish to order is located for time frame of shipping for that item.

Please Note: (We do not ship orders on Federal Holidays & Weekends!)

If the products cannot be delivered within twenty business days of you placing your order, we will notify you of this delay and you may either cancel your order or agree to a different delivery time and/or method.


If an item is on back order we will let you know and you can decide if you want to wait for the item(s) or cancel the item. We will ship your back-ordered item as soon as we receive it from the manufacturer if you decide to continue on with your order. This normally occurs within a two-week period. If we learn that the manufacturer is out of stock, which would result in a longer delay, we will contact you to determine next steps.

No extra shipping charges will be incurred for partial shipments or shipments of back-ordered items, but all back-ordered items will be sent via Standard Shipping, no matter which original shipping method was selected.

AK, HI, Virgin Islands & PR orders should arrive within the 5 to 10 business day(s) time frame; give or take 2-5 additional days.*

*Weather sometimes causes the additional shipping day(s) delay.

We ship using primarily USPS, secondary UPS; occasionally we use FedEX.

For Express Mail, we utilize all 3 of these major carriers.



Digitized orders that are not personally made are released immediately upon receipt of payment of the product. 10 minutes max is the most it shall take to receive your digital order, if for some reason it takes longer than that, please contact us, in the contact area of this site.

These digital items are not refundable. Please make sure you choose the intended digital good that you wish to receive prior to completing your online purchase.


Coaching is often said to be transformational because it focuses on where individuals are at in the present moment and where they would like to be moving forward in their own unique manner causing transformation. Coaches provide a safe space to help their clients gain clarity about their goals/vision, design possible blueprints that may look different for each client so that they (the client) can take the actions needed to achieve their desired results. Coaches exist for just about every area of life. Note that a coach’s position is not to tell the client what to do, but rather to support the client in discovering the answers that lie within themselves. Think of a coach as a catalyst of change for the client's accomplishments as well as an accountability partner. Working with a coach can help accelerate growth in most areas of a client’s life that can be difficult to do on one’s own. Hire a coach to help you with a challenge that is in need of some attention in your life. Coaching environments are mindful, psychologically safety enabled spaces where people are free to think and talk out their aspirations, dilemmas, goals, visions, etc. openly; without judgement or repercussions.

Coaches are there to ultimately help you get clear, support you and hold you accountable. Those who have ample experience in certain area may offer up advice with the permission of the client(s). If requested they can also be your mentor if they are an expert in a field you are seeking to enter.


Everyone needs to have a coach. Coaches can help clients in just about every area, if not any sector of life. An experienced coach can help clients see things about themselves that they have not seen on their own or have been in denial about.  Clients are often attached or stuck in their ways to the point they sometimes sabotage their growth with a fixed mindset vs. a growth one because they don't know what they don't know. Therefore, when an expert coach provides the client with pertinent information that is in their blind-spot via transformational sessions, the client can reflect on what others may see that they have not been able to see for some time about themselves. Reflecting is beneficial to the client because the light bulb moments propel their ability to move forward and grow into the person they dream of being in action and words.


Consultants are experts in certain fields that offer consulting to those they work with to help them reach their goals. Consulting consists of Consultants providing professional guidance or even knowledge to individuals, groups and businesses in their area of expertise. This normally happens on a contract basis until a goal is achieved. Consultants lead the client when conducting business, whereas a coach works alongside their clients as their equals. A consultant often times works outside of the session time whereas the coach completes coaching when the session is over.

Have a particular question you want answered that is not listed? Drop us a line via the Contact Us Page and our team will be happy to assist you with your inquiry. *Please do not contact us to solicit us about your products or services. Thanks for respecting our wishes! 


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