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The Importance of Power Walking

Updated: Jan 5

What a beautiful Summer 2023 has been thus far, take time to enjoy this season, while it is still here. Be sure to take a stroll in nature and enjoy the atmosphere.

A few weeks back, I met a gentleman in Colts Neck, NJ who was 78 years young and in awesome shape; that’s right better than great shape. I could not help but to inquire with him about what he considered was the key to living such a vibrant and successful life and he said. “I had a Heart Attack at 42, due to what I thought was a family history, however, in reality it was my lifestyle too. I was acting like my ancestors did and working 12 to 15 hours a day for years was not helping. After this had happened, I took time to reflect and decided I wanted to live and I did just that. I begin to think differently, eat differently and exercise and that is how I live the life I do today, oh and did I tell you I get in 20,000 steps just about every day.” This man was built like an iron strong 50-year-old and he is going into his 8th decade on earth in less than 2 years. I was so intrigued by his story which lead me to write this post. I hope his story will inspire you on your health journey to move just a little more than you usually do with vigor.

Let’s talk seriously now, most people have someone that they are close to; a family member, friend or even they themselves who suffers from Heart Disease, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure or some sort of adverse condition. To be blunt we all know someone has high blood or cholesterol, smoke or are around smoker’s often. Now I must ask the question. Do you live an inactive lifestyle, with no exercise or movement, eat poorly, drink alcohol a lot, smoke, suffer from diabetes and/or obesity? If you answered yes, it is time to open your eyes and take a good look at how you have been living your life. How the choices that you have made throughout your time here on earth, to this date has caused you to be where you are today. This is not the time to blame it on your genes or anyone else for that matter; it is however, a time to be aware of where you are right now, today, at this moment and understand what you have done to get here and what you will need to do differently to improve your situation. For this post, I will focus on the power of walking to combat these concerns/issues because it is such powerful tool that most take for granted and do not use. I am not talking about walking to the bus stop or the train station or from your car to the supermarket. I am talking about stepping up your game and doing some serious power walking, get your heart revved up and pumping more than it does on a walk around your home. I am talking about committing to doing a mile or more a day if you are able and keep it going indefinitely to keep your heart beat functioning properly.

The Power of Walking

Walking helps, it has the power to alleviates pain, reduces stress, depression and lowers your blood pressure, maintains heart disease, inflammation and weight levels, all while increasing HDL levels and making one feel more at peace. Utilize at least 3 of the tips below to start on a walking journey to improve or manage your health.

  1. Hire a Health & Wellness Professional to get you started on the right track.

  2. Start off with a SMART Goals to achieve your vision.

  3. Journal your actions, thoughts and achievements. Use Penzu, it’s free to start and for $199, you can use their service for a lifetime.

  4. Start at your own pace and then pick up the pace as things becomes easier for you and be consistent.

  5. Walk in nature as much as possible: near water, a trail or a scenic route.

  6. Pause to meditate and take in the fresh air and ambiance.

  7. Listen to music that has you dancing, hopping skipping or jumping during your power walk at least twice a week. This will make you feel youthful too.

  8. Find a walking buddy who will not bring negativity to what you are trying to obtain

  9. Reward yourself for accomplishments/goals obtained.

As a Health & Wellness & Lifestyle Professional who has a diverse group of clients, I share these tips to start them on their healthy living journey to be a more active walkers or movers overall; but especially those interested in prevention or have health concerns because they have been living a sedentary lifestyle. This year won't you commit to becoming a power walker and moving more.

**Physical Activity Disclaimer: *Always check with your Physician before starting any physical activity program/regime. Starting a new program at a level/speed that you are not familiar with, can be a detriment to your set out goals if you are not in the right state emotionally, mentally and or physically.

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