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A USDA Biobased certified, renewable, and biodegradable rugged yet all-natural bristles brush that can help you clean just about every area of your pots and pans.This brush is durable, yet gentle and is safe and suitable for cast iron, ceramic, and carbon steel surfaces without fear of scratching or damaging them.



Pot & Pan Scrub Brush


Details + Care:

  • Size: 2 3/4" dia.
  • Plastic-free packaging
  • Simple Care, Long Life

  • After use, rinse away any suds with warm water, then shake excess moisture out of bristles
  • Store brush bristle down in a ventilated area for optimal drying conditions
  • Optional: sanitize once a week by soaking bristles in distilled white vinegar for 1 hour. Rinse, shake, and let your newly clean brush air dry
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