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It’s never been easier (or looked so good) to keep your kitchen plastic-free. This Multi-Purpose fruit & veggie brush features a thoughtfully crafted handle made from USDA certified organic bamboo.


This brush was designed for washing fruits & vegetables, but perfect for so much else. This dual-purpose brush offers a softer side made with tampico bristles for gentle washing, and a stiffer side made with a tampico-palmyra blend that’s ideal for root vegetables and tougher tasks. For optimal use, rinse and shake out your brush after use, then store it bristle-down.


Multi-Purpose Brush - USDA Certified

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Details + Care:

  • Size: 4 1/4" x 2 1/2"
  • Plastic-free packaging


Simple Care, Long Life

  • After use, rinse with warm water, then shake residual moisture out of bristles
  • Store brush bristle down in a ventilated area for optimal drying conditions
  • Optional: sanitize once a week by soaking bristles in distilled white vinegar for 1 hour. Rinse, shake, and let your newly clean brush air dry



End of Life 

Before disposing of this brush, just as you would with bamboo or wood toothbrushes, use pliers to pull the bristles out and remove the small metal staples that hold bristles in place.

Once the staples are removed, the natural bristles can be sent to compost, and the brush handle can be safely discarded with yard debris. We recommend checking with your local service center to ensure that they accept this item. If it’s not accepted locally, consider using a service such as Ridwell to properly dispose of this item.

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