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A vegan, people and planet friendly soap that is plastic free and offers you the ability to be worry free from this purchase you will make.


Meliora Plastic-Free Dish Soap - Lemon

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How to use:

A solid Dish Soap bar that is a plastic-free alternative to liquid dish soap. Start by placing the bar near your sink. We recommend a soap dish, mug, or coaster to catch excess water, but you can also wet the bottom of the bar and stick it directly on the counter. Wet your sponge, dish brush, or cloth and rub it over the top of the dish soap. Be sure to develop a rich lather on your sponge or brush, then rub it on your dirty dishes to hand wash. Solid dish soap may require more elbow grease than liquid dish soap, so don’t be afraid to scrub a little harder. 

For extra dirty dishes that need a soak, just hold the bar under the faucet while the water is running. You can also use this method to fill your sink, pots, and pans with soapy water.

If you’re noticing a greasy film left on your dishes after washing, you may not be lathering the soap enough. Try rubbing your sponge or brush on the soap longer to create a foamier soap and scrubbing your dishes more vigorously.

If you’re seeing spots left on your glasses after washing, they are most likely caused by hard water. Water spots are caused by droplets that dry on the surface of dishes, leaving behind minerals that are found in hard water. If you have hard water, try drying your dishes by hand using a clean cloth to prevent spots.


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