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Grocery Shopping Tips to Live Healthier!

Updated: Jan 19

We all must to eat to survive, but sometimes deciding on what to eat to be or stay healthy can be a stressful task and a chore in itself; especially for those who is already stressed out from other things. None of us are any strangers to stress, but to have it when thinking about what foods to consume can be complicated and cause one to make very bad decisions instead of a good-ones when it comes to choosing healthier foods for the temple that houses our being.

An easy way to eat healthy, is to plan out your meals ahead of time and be very conscious and cautious when you are visiting the supermarket. There will be so many items and messages in your path trying to tempt you to get something you do not need, but when you are focused on the goal to be or stay healthy and adhering to your list, nothing will stop you from not keeping the course you so desire. We always advise our clients, to shop the perimeters as much as possible and to make sure to go down the frozen aisle too. There are many healthy choices in the frozen section that is often is forgotten and this post is here to remind you of that; not to mention you can purchase fresh and freeze on your own for later. Check out tips on how to be a better grocery shopper below.

4 Ways to become a more conscious and healthier supermarket shopper

Empty Stomach Shopping, No More!

Never, ever go shopping while you are hungry for this only sets you up for failure and leads to impulse shopping. Oh and don’t ever go to Costco, or any other store that is known for heavy sampling everything under sun when you are hungry for this would not be a good predicament to be in to stay motivated to eat and be healthy. The first thing you smell, you may want to eat without even reading the label. More times than not that item has dairy in it and you are lactose intolerant or it has gluten in it and you are not able to digest it. However, if you ate a snack or something prior to heading to the supermarket, your choices 9 times out of 10 will be better off than when not eating anything at all.

Plan ahead

Go to the store before hand to pick up the circular for the week or look in your mail box for the current week’s circular and look at it twice. Make sure to develop a list before throwing the circular out. If you are box club member, your circular will be mailed to you at least 1 to 2 weeks before the sale starts; be on the lookout for it. Shopping lists development is to help you plan for what you need. Not only does it keep you on budget, it can keep you stay on point when it comes to making healthy dietary decisions.

Spend 85% of your time shopping the perimeter

The perimeter of the store has the freshest food and often has foods that has not been processed or filled with 50 million ingredients. Stay clear of the bakery section, unless it is a special occasion. Fresh fruits and vegetables are always located at the perimeter of the store, so you can’t go wrong by starting or finishing there. If you are in the NY tri-state area, July – September are the optimal months to rack up on fresh blueberries and raspberries too. They are often at its sweetest right about now. July – November is the best time of year to purchase apples, hence apple picking season is huge in the Fall in New York. Want to know what other fruits and vegetables you can find in abundance this season or year-round check out the Seasonal Food Guide Here. You will be amazed how many choices and opportunities are afforded to you by viewing this informative site. Remember, if a fruit or vegetable or anything for that matter is going out of season, you can always buy and freeze it for a period and then use it for later, just make sure to put a date on it to remind yourself when you purchased it.

Spend 12% of your time shopping the frozen section

These days, the same fruits and vegetables that are in the fresh section, are now in the frozen section, so it is worth the time to visit this section too, to pick up what you need whether it is in season or not We have been purchasing tons of cranberries in the Fall for years, so that we can have fresh cranberry juice all year long to ensure the kidneys are cleaned out and working in tip top shape and the blood pressure is at optimum levels.

The frozen section is also great, if you are not in the mood to make your own ice cream and/or an ice pop or frozen dessert, this is the space to go to pick these goodies up. Haagen Dazs, So Delicious & Daiya among other healthy options that has some very good natural ingredients that are dairy free, soy free and delicious if you need that ice-cold fix to satisfy your sweet craving but without all the harmful ingredients.

Spend 3% of your time shopping elsewhere when necessary

Some seasonings, herbs, spices are not in the perimeter or frozen section so one may have to every so often, but no frequently go down an aisle or two. In addition some stores offer fresh quinoa and beans in dispensers others offer these items as well as flax seed, chia seed and nuts else where; which will send you on a journey through the store to try to locate them; do your best. In this case, do what you have to do because these are good fats and proteins that your body needs to thrive.


The next time you go food shopping take these tips to heart so that you can be a more conscious and healthier grocery shopper. There is no better time than now, to be more mindful about what you to put in your body and around your space.

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